Holiday Movie Reviews: The Holiday Calendar

Turns out writing snarky blog reviews of holiday movies is much easier than focusing on my dissertation today (well, every day but today in particular). So what follows are my thoughts on another Netflix original film The Holiday Calendar. 

Also turns out I left this draft (literally just that paragraph) sitting here for 7 months.

So here is my very late and probably poorly recalled review of The Holiday Calendar.

What I remember is the leads were very cute and had pretty good chemistry. This cookie cutter plot followed the “He was right under her nose all along” path with the childhood best friend overlooked, for most of the movie, in favor of the tall, white, serendipitously appearing doctor who is quite handsome in a handsome way not a cute way like the friend. Anyway, the main character whose name long left my memory thinks her Grandpa’s calendar is magically setting her up with said handsome white doctor man. This bit of plotting really worked for me because I love cheesy movies (and cheese). I’m sure most people would disagree but that’s their problem. Other plot points include her photography job at the mall for Santa being unfulfilling, her childhood best friend helping her out at said job, and her losing said job because she lost some photos of the mayor (I think?). Note on gender politics the mayor (I think?) is played by a woman so that’s pretty progressive for this small-town Netflix Christmas movie.

But that’s about all I have for you, in terms of insightful and incisive commentary, dear readers. I liked it. I might even watch it again this coming Christmas season (it’ll be here sooner than you know it!). Until next time!