Undergraduate Policy Analysis

Welcome students to my undergraduate course on policy analysis. Here you will find the course syllabus and any future updates. I will also be creating the syllabus here as a series of interactive links to week by week readings and materials.

Week 2: Intro to Policy Analysis

Week 3: Cost Benefit Analysis

Week 4: Policy Memo Writing

Week 5: Policy Analysis Data

Week 6: Social Construction and Policy Design

Week 7: Narrative Policy Framework

Week 8: Advocacy Coalition Framework

Week 9: Policy Feedback and Submerged States

Week 10: Introduction to Campbell’s Story

Week 11: The Place of the Poor and Keeping Them There

Week 12: Complexity of Social Policy and its Future

Week 13: Plutocracy

Week 14: Public Opinion and Financial Deregulation

Week 15: Integrating Theory and Analysis for Social Welfare